SITS FOR WOMEN: Feel good – do good

A passion for travelling, a passion for different cultures, but above all, helping women, that’s her main motive. That’s why Margreeth Kuipers founded Sits for Women. Peru and India, those are the countries where Margreeth personally buys the products of Sits. Ponchos, plaids, shawls, scarves and accessories

 Becoming a woman teacher or a secretary instead of being a charwoman

 That can come true for Indian girls, who with the aid of Margreeth Kuipers can go to school. So far we count 39 of them. Margreeth finances the girls’ schooling by selling highly special products from India and Peru. These products comprise ponchos, shawls, plaids, bodywarmers, jewellery and everyday utensils, all of them hand-made or woven in the traditional manner from exclusive, natural materials.

Sits for Women exclusive

 Exclusive products, especially made for Sits for Women

 Every year Margreeth herself goes to India and Peru several times, lookig for products she is going to sell and chatting with the women who make them. So she is absolutely sure that the products are of high quality and that the working conditions are good.

Sits for women spends all the profit for the benefit of the “Sits for Care Foundation” , thus financing the schooling of Indian girls. So each purchase of a Sits for Women product serves a good cause.

Wear a special article of clothing or buy some kind of accessory (for your home), a present for yourself. These products stem from well-known designers from e. g. Peru and India. They know how to combine modern fashion with old traditional craftsmanship such as spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting. And this combination gives the products a certain brilliance.

Feel good, do good

Poncho, scarf, plaid or bodywarmer, they all are fantastically wearable. And this feeling is still enhanced by knowing that through this purchase women and children will have a better future.

The name of “Sits”

Sits is a beautiful material. Even today spinning and weaving of textiles take an important place in Indian culture. This craftsmanship is frequently handed down from generation to generation, and therefore a lot of families earn their living by spinning and weaving textiles. Many Indian families have weaving utensils at home, where they weave textile material by hand; but there are also small weaving-mills with several looms. Sits is a material which in former times  (in the olden days of the VOC) was fetched from India for the production of Frisian regional costumes for example. So we have come back to the starting-point.


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